Interdisciplinary Journal of Teaching and Learning Expert Review: Summer 2013

Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE)

Standard Setting Committee: Summer 2012

Special Education General Curriculum & Paraprofessionals

Basic Skills Assessment Committee: Winter 2013

Eastern Educational Research Association Expert Review: Fall 2012

National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum: Summer 2012

Disorders Evidence Based Practices Update Reviews

Ohio Department of Education State Literacy Team: Fall 2010

Brooke's Publishing Book Review: Fall 2009

Ed Testing Service Statewide Standard Setting: Fall 2008

Early Childhood Intervention Specialist Panel

Pre-K Needs Endorsement Panel

Autism Society of Ohio Advocacy Network: Fall 2008

Family and Children First Council Early Childhood Subcommittee: Spring 2008


Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)                                                              2006-present  

Ohio Council for Exceptional Children (OCEC)                                         2006-2012
Board Member: 2011-2012

Division for Early Childhood       (DEC)                                                       2006-present

Conference proposal reviewer: 2008-2012

Ohio Division for Early Childhood (ODEC)                                                 2006-2014

Past President: 2012-2014

President: 2010-2012

President-Elect: 2008-2010

Division for International Special Education and Service (DISES)         2013-present

Division for Teacher Education (TED)                                                          2013-present

Division for Autism and Developmental Disabilities (DADD)                 2012-2013

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)            2006-present

Ohio Association for the Education of Young Children (OAEYC)                   2006-2012

      Conference proposal reviewer: 2010-2011

Autism Society of America (ASA)                                                                           2007-2013



      Undergraduate Programs Committee                                                             2013/2014

      UWG 1101 Instructor for First Year Programs                                              Fall 2013

Student Council for Exceptional Children Faculty Co-Advisor               2012-present


      New Health and Human Services Program Committee                             2013/2014

Personnel Committee                                                                                      2013/2014      

Social Committee                                                                                             2012-2014

Chair                                                                                                            2013/2014


Early Childhood/Special Education Search Committee                          2013/2014

Early Childhood Special Education Dual Certification Committee        

      Chair                                                                                                            2013/2014

Pre-service Mini-conference Committee                                                   2012/2013

Special Education Search Committee                                                        2012/2013

Dissertation and Ed.S Committees

Wagner, A. (2014). Enhancing achievement for students with autism through a video modeling and fluency protocol for caregivers (Member)

Weaver, S. (2014). Using restricted interests to select reinforcement for students with autism spectrum disorder (Chair)


UWG College of Education Seed Grant awarded in August of 2013

Certified UWG Online Course Instructor obtained in June of 2013

Division for Early Childhood Subdivision Mini Grant awarded in February 2010

Student Service and Leadership Award nomination in March 2008

Preparing Tomorrow’s Early Childhood Intervention Leaders Doctoral Assistantship awarded in August 2006

Educational Testing Service Recognition of Excellence awarded in November 2003

Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education awarded in November 2002